Seven Beautiful Places You Need to See Before they Are Gone Forever

beautiful places

Media covers the problems of global warming all the time. We hear about climate changes so often that we involuntary let the problem slide. Climate change first became news decades ago, but we don’t really feel it, right? Sea level continues to rise? Well, we live far away from the ocean so why bother. Since we don’t really FEEL all those changes (yet!), we don’t see it as a threat. However, there are lots of amazing places on Earth that were there way before us that run the risk of being destroyed and are in dire need of salvation right now. Here are the beautiful places around the world that we might lose in the near future due to the climate changes, rampant industrialization and tourism.

1. Dead Sea, Israel, Jordan & Palestine
The water level in the Dead Sea has fallen to 30 meters since 1970. The water level changes mostly because of the mining operations that’s been going on there for decades. The water is disappearing leaving sinkholes on the surface which have pernicious consequences for coastal ecosystem.

2. Basin Of Yangtze River, China
Construction of a giant dam, shipping routes, industrial and agricultural waste, illegal logging –all this is killing the basin. Chinese sturgeon, finless porpoise, Chinese alligator – all these amazing and rare animals will be extinct species very soon.

3. The Door to Hell, Turkmenistan
Set alight in 1971, the inferno has been raging for 40 years and drawing tourists from all over the world since then. The inferno is fueled with methane so it’s just a matter of time before the gas burns out. This is definitely a sight worth seeing in a lifetime.

4. Glaciers of the European Alps, Switzerland
Glaciers of the Alps are melting causing the new bodies of water emerge all over Switzerland. This is kinda sad but there’s a little consolation for locals who are afraid that the avalanches might fall into the lakes causing huge waves that will hit and smash their homes.

5. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
Do you know that you and your smartphones are killing the salt flats in Bolivia? The world’s largest salt flats happen to sit on the half of the world’s lithium reserves. Lithium is used in batteries for our smartphones, and since the demand for lithium batteries increases, chances are we won’t see the untouched flats of Bolivia in near future.

6. Venice, Italy
Yep, the Venice is drowning. The water level is rising to 1 mm every year which means that by the year 2100 the city would be entirely underwater. Even though the government is doing everything possible to save the city, the sea that once gave Venice wealth and prosperity will kill it eventually.

7. Galapagos Islands, Pacific Ocean
Galapagos islands are home to more than 100 000 rare species. Did you know that these islands once inspired Charles Darwin to develop his Theory of Evolution? Unfortunately, endless tourist inflows to the islands, poaching, cruise ships coming through too close to the islands are ruining the ecosystem of the islands resulting in extinction of many exotic species.

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