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Seven Best Exercises That Help In Growing Of Chest Muscle In Men and Women

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This article is all about some exercises you can do that will help in growing of chest muscle.

Ever heard the phrase “variety is the spice of life”? It goes without saying that you can plateau very quickly if you just stick to the boring traditional movements. Even while doing the body weight version, you must incorporate multiple variations. After all, the goal is to continually challenge yourself. But, I’m talking about real gains, so can body weight variations really do the job? Do I have to lift? You will get the answers to your questions in this article. Below are the seven best exercise you can do to help in growing chest muscle;

1. The Dumbbell Squeeze-Press

This particular exercise involves a range of motion that will mount extreme pressure on your pectorals. And you know that such pressure is a key necessity for muscle growth. Your chest will remain activated and engaged all through the movement.

2. The Batwing Fly

Apart from strengthening the chest muscles, the batwing fly involves a range of motion that will cause damage to, and lead to serious growth and expansion of, the chest muscles. It is performed with dumbbells in each hand, and the back flat on an incline bench.

3. The Dumbbell Squeeze Push-up

This is a reverse motion of the squeeze-press, only this time you’re using your body-weight. However, instead of having your palms flat on the ground, you should wrap them around dumbbells. Dumbbells are joined together, and as you lower down, your chest should touch them. Then, pause and squeeze for a bit, before coming back up.

4. Weighted Push-ups

Push-ups are, and will always remain the chest classic. Imagine how much more growth will be achieved by adding weights to the movement. Weights can be added flexibly, either you place an iron plate, or sandbag on top of your back, or you wear a weighted vest.

5. The Chest Fly

This can be done on a bench, but using cables will give you the most experience. Because, it creates a steady tension and recruits multiple chest muscles at once. The range of motion provided by the chest fly will fire up your pecs.

6. The Neck Barbell Bench Press

You shouldn’t do this unsupervised, and it helps if you’re using a spotter, or assisted bench press machine for safety. This exercise requires that you hold the barbell above your neck, and then press down to target those shoulders and upper chest muscles.

7. The Plyometric Push-up

With this range of motion, your heart rate is way up, so your chest muscles are working double time. It’s just like a regular push-up, except that you’re driving up with enhanced force (almost like jumping with your arms), and then, adding a small clap in between.


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