Seven Things In life That Are Worse Than Heartbreak, Which Of It Has Happened To You Before

Things worse than heartbreak

Heartbreak can be such an intense experience that some scientists suggest it feels the same as physical pain. Our bodies literally repel being dumped because there’s no greater pain than heartbreak.

Yes, heartbreaks are bad. But have you ever considered that there might be other worse things that can happen to you in this life? Life never prepares you. Sometimes, bad things happen to good people. Below are some bad experiences that are worse than heartbreak;

1. Plug Your Phone Overnight Without Charging
Plugging your phone all night only to wake up and see that it didn’t charge is a very bad thing that can happen to a man. This will pain you more if you wakeup and decided to plug it again but unfortunately, they took off the light. Those that has happened to before know what the pain feels like.

2. Getting In Trouble For What You Don’t Know About
This can be small scale like being flogged for your sibling’s offense, or large scale like getting arrested by the police for something you don’t know about. This also will pain you cause you’re suffering for what you didn’t do.

3. Being Ghosted By Someone You Thought Was Really Interested in You
Have you ever think someone loves you but unfortunately he or she doesn’t. This will really pain you especially when you’ve told your guys about her feelings for you, but when you get to her, she shunned you.

4. Being Stuck In Traffic When You Have An Important Appointment
If you have an appointment with someone or maybe you have an important event you’re going that you mustn’t miss and unfortunately on your way, you jam a mad traffic, this will really pain you and you will start wishing you can fly or maybe your car should just jump over others.

5. Being Separated From Your Partner in a Difficult Examination
This hurts even more especially if you don’t know anything and your friend is the only hope you have.

6. Being Scammed of Your Life Savings
This is a very bad thing that can happen to a man, if this happens, you won’t know what to do anymore, You’ll just start sweating. That is if you haven’t fainted self.

My question now is, which of the above things has happened to you before? As for me, only number 3 and 6 hasn’t happen to me.

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