Seven Things You Don’t Know About Women, You Will Agree That No 4 Is True

amazing things about women

It may sound crazy though, but you have to know this, female body is full of mysteries. Yes, we are living in a modern world filled with scientific breakthroughs and technological advancements, nevertheless, when it comes to women and what’s hidden inside their bodies and minds, there’s still a lot we don’t know and can’t explain. At this point, though, we can all agree that women aren’t made of sugar and spice and all things nice – we don’t poop rainbows, smell like Chanel 24/7, and wake up with full makeup on. Meanwhile, here are 9 facts about the female body you’ve probably never heard before;

1. Female Necks Are Super Flexible
You might or might not have noticed the way men and women turn their heads when they hear something – guys tend to react with their whole bodies, while ladies just turn their heads. Our necks are actually more flexible! Which is a cool thing, but it also means that we get more neck pain according to certain studies.

2. Women Are Amazing With Words
We can all agree that girls are chatty in general, but it doesn’t end with spending half a day on the phone with your best friend. It appears women have better language skills due to larger frontal and temporal areas of the brain. There’s also the so-called ‘language protein’ FOXP2 they have in abundance that helps them talk around 20,000 words per day, whereas for guys the average amount is around 7,000.

3. Women Get Attached Easily
It is both a blessing and a curse, really. Because of high oxytocin levels in women, they tend to form stronger bonds and get easily attached to people, animals, children, friends, that teddy berry you used to own 20 years ago or a bucket of ice cream waiting for you at home. Yep, it’s that bad. But without this ‘love hormone’ we wouldn’t be able to form and support relationships the way we do. Oxytocin is also responsible for breastfeeding.

4. Women Get Drunk Really Fast
It’s a scientific fact that women get tipsy much faster than men. Female bodies contain less water that helps metabolize alcohol, as well as enzyme called dehydrogenase. All this means that alcohol is stuck in Their bodies for a longer period of time and is processed much slower.

5. Women Deal With Pain Better
Did you know that memory of past pain affects you later painful experience? It turns out that this works differently for men and woman, making the latter deal with pain better. Despite being sensitive to pain in general, women tend to forget it fast, making the next such experience no more painful for them. Guys, on the other hand, remember that pain vividly, get stressed out, and experience even more pain the next time same experience happens.

6. Female Bodies Never Stop Changing
The puberty might be done with, but the changes to your body are far from over! It is actually a good thing because not only your body and muscles keep on growing (especially if you get on a healthy diet), but also your prefrontal cortex, responsible for making decisions, continues developing. So if you want to develop a few healthy habits, it’s never too late!

7. Women Experience Adolescence Twice
All those hormones that keep on ravaging throughout Women’s bodies for most of there lifetime have not one, but two peak phases. You might have forgotten the stress of being an adolescent (and what a little brat you were for all those around you), but Mother Nature will remind you about it when you hit 45. Yep, your hormone levels will change once again in the perimenopause phase. Irregular periods, night sweats, and mood swings worthy of a teenager – it’ll all be there!

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