She Wants to Pay Me 3million to Sleep With Her Because Her Husband Is Short and Has Traces of Ancestral Madness

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She wants to pay me 3 million to sleep with her

Kosi Ugo, Nigerian man on Facebook, has narrate an ordeal on how a newly married woman once offered him Three Million Naira.

While advising men to take a DNA test for their kids, Kosi revealed how a newly married woman offered him 3 million naira last year to impregnant her, saying she doesn’t want her kids to take after her husband.

In his words:

“Last year, a newly married woman offered me 3 million naira to impregnate her. According to her, she didn’t want her children to take her husband genes, because he was short, bald and his family had traces of ancestral madness.

He later gave an advice to all men, He said;

Dear men, I heard DNA now ranges from between 50-100k. You don’t need to inform your wife – just take strands of your children’s hair while they are asleep and present them at the hospital. There’s a huge chance that more than half of your children are not yours.


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