Should I Tell My Brother What I Saw Or Remain Silent? Please I need Your Advice

My brother that lives in the United Kingdom sent me down to Lagos, Nigeria to check on his wife. Getting to their house, I met the door locked, so I try to check on their neighbors for me to ask of her whereabout.

Actually have tried her line before coming but was switched off. While trying to move from their own flat to the next flat, I heard someone moaning from the room. TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

I paused but to my greatest surprise I discovered the voice is that of my brother’s wife, so I waited at the verandah for her to come out. After an hour and 30minute, she came out together with a man who happened to be her boss.

After the man have left she begged me not to tell my brother but I can’t keep this to myself. My brother is too kind to me. He was the one sponsoring my eduction from secondary to University.

He has been in UK now for a year trying hard just to make things work fine for the family while the wife here was engaging in adultery.

He travelled out of the country not that long this is happening, what will now happen if he stays for more than 3years before the family join him? I’m at a confused state now, What should I do? Kindly help.

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  1. You were send on errand and must deliver. Tell her you take exceptions to what she is asking you to do. Tell her is a forgivable sin and keep off from her. Women could be deadly if her secrets are threatened. Women are known to have wiped a whole family because infidelity, to keep it secret.
    Learn from the Bible about Joseph and his master’s mistress.

  2. Tell your sister-in-law to explain to your brother what’s happening behind him by herself.

  3. It’s a implicated issue, tell your bro you discovered foul play and he should persuade his wife to open up.

  4. Tell him that you came and the door was locked, that he should confirm from his wife why the door is locked.

  5. My brother don’t tell anyone, let your brother make it speedy to come over and take his wife, is nature do you know what your brother is doing over there, pls and pls don’t risk your life because of your brother, women are dangerous. Keep it as secret.

  6. Bro! be yourself, covince ur brother to take his wife close to him.

  7. I think you should let your brother know everything going with the wife. Some women are very wicked, If your brother gets to know about it from a different source he will be angry with you. Show loyalty to your brother.

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