Six (6) Parts Of Your Body You Should Never Touch With Your Hands

Don't touch this

Touching our face is something we do unconsciously be it in expressions, picking spots and scars, scratching an itch, or simply idle fiddling. So what’s wrong with the common human habit of fiddling with body parts? Our fingers are in contact with keyboards, money, doorknobs, and handsets constantly, all of which are usually coated in bacteria. By scratching, you could be spreading viruses and allergens around your skin. So never touch these parts of your body with your hands if your hands isn’t clean.

1. Your Butt
Yes wipe and wash your buttocks but never prick. Your anus contains bacteria that could potentially be harmful. Always make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly after you clean your butt.

2. The Skin under Your Nails
You don’t need to be told that lots of nasty bacteria thrive under your nails. So never try to prick the layer of dirt from under your nails.

Keep your nails short to reduce the chances of bacterial carriage. Picking tends to create trauma in its own right and then any bacteria or yeast can cause further cause problems as severe as onycholysis, where the nail lifts off the nail bed.

3. Your Ear Canal
One place where you should never stick your fingers is your ears. A thin layer lines the ear canal that can tear with your fingers. If your ear feels itchy, it is best that you get in touch with an otolaryngologist rather than experimenting with DIY(Do it yourself). Whether it be wax accumulation, eczema of the skin, or infection, an expert will be able to address the problem.

A tailored programme of treatment, ear hygiene, and moisturising of the skin should be put into play.

4. Your Eyes
Also, keep your hands off-limits from your eyes unless you are washing them or wearing your lenses. Remember that it is easy to introduce germs to your eyes. Conjunctivitis and other scary infections are all a result of touching your eyes with hands. Talk to your doctor if you are experiencing itchiness and dryness, instead of mishandling them with your hands.

5. Your Mouth
A study concluded that people who tend to put their hands in their mouth when they were bored at work. The germs in your hands transferred to your mouth can set you up for a number of infections.

6. Your Face
Keep your paws off unless you are using them to apply your skincare formulas. Resting your hands on a germy surface and sticking them on your face like your forehead can make you breakout. Further, the oils from your fingers can plug your pores.

If you’re a prolific fiddler try sitting on your hands, putting them in your pockets or wearing gloves when you’re not using them for something else. Also, keep hand sanitiser in your handbag and on your desk and use it before you feel the need to scratch and itch.

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