Six Hilarous Ways Religion Ladies Act When They Visit There Boyfriend That Will Make You Laugh

Hilarious ways religion ladies act when they visit boyfriend

If you have been in relationship with a religious Lady before or presently, then you will be familiar with this article, but if you have not, then this is where you got to know. Below are the hilarious things religion ladies act when they visit there man;

1. They Refuse Hug
They refuse hugging their boyfriend at his house. They believe that hugging is a sinful act. So they at least offer you hand shake and if you don’t want, that’s your own headache.

2. Hate You Watching Adventurous, Action Or Love Movies
They hate when you watch those kind of movies because they know that many of these movies leads to some bad act according to them.

3. They Make Sure They Wear Unseductive Dress
Religious Ladies make sure they wear a polite dress in other not to seduce you.

4. They Preach The Bible Or Quran
Yes that is what they do. Talk about the Bible or Quran if they are Muslims whenever they visit.

5. She Give Gap Between Her And The Boyfriend
They make sure there is space between them and there boyfriend because they don’t want to destroy their reputation, they don’t want to fell any guilt in them.

6. They Refuse Your Food And Drinks
They sometimes refuse the refreshments you offer them especially when they were forced by their boyfriend to come to their house. They think that you can put something in it to enable them go against their will. They usually take precautions.

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