Six Mysterious Things That Happen to You While Sleeping That You Don’t know About

Things that Happen while sleeping

Sleep is very important for us to replenish our energy, but a lot of strange things happen during our sleep. We are aware of some, and there are some events that happen in our sleep that we are not aware of. Below are some of the mysterious things that happen while we are asleep;

1. Sleep Paralysis
This is the situation when you wake up at night and you discover that you can’t move your hands, legs and body. This can be really frightening and sometimes you feel as if there is someone else with you in the room. Sleep paralysis is usually associated with mischiefs and evil spirits in this part of the world.

Scientifically, sleep paralysis happens when our muscle turn off while we are asleep. Normally, when you are asleep, you are paralyzed so that you don’t sleepwalk. But during this stage, our muscles “shut off” and the brain is awake. Approximately 7% of the population have experienced sleep paralysis at least once and it usually occur when you lie on your back.

2. A Dream Within A Dream
A person involved in this sees a dream, then wakes up, but strange things continue to happen to him. It always turn out the person was just dreaming that he or she woke up.

3. Sleepwalking
This is the opposite of sleep paralysis, this happen when some can walk, open the door, or even leave the house in their sleep, and when they wake up in the morning, they don’t remember anything. This is really dangerous. This condition affects children most. The cause is still unknown, neither are the methods of treatment.

4. Sleep Talking
People who suffer from sleep talking are not aware of it. It happens when someone starts talking while sleeping. This condition is not dangerous psychologically. It usually occur due to stress. Usually, the person who suffers from somniloquy (a fancy term for sleep talking) has no idea about it.

5. Sleep Apnea
This occur when there is a sudden stop of breathing in a dream and the person wakes up as a result of gasping for breath. This usually occur when the brain experiences starvation of oxygen and it result in decrease in the quality of sleep.

6. Out-of-body Experience
This occur when a person is half asleep and at the same time half awake. The person wakes up and find himself in a place outside his own body. This process confirms the existence of the soul.

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