Six Signs You Have a Great Husband and You Need to Hold Him Tight

Marriage is wonderful, but at the same time it can be a challenge. Who wouldn’t want to be married to an incredible guy, like the ones you see on TV, in novels or in movies? Remember, there are two people in a marriage, so both must make an effort for the relationship to work.

But, is there such a thing as the perfect husband? Well, nobody’s perfect, but these signs will tell you if your husband is one of the good ones. And though we’ll get into it later on, having a good husband is something you should appreciate and care for.

Below are 6 signs that you have a great husband;

1. He Gives You Unconditional Support

Life will hit you in many ways: you’ll stumble, you’ll fall, and you’ll get back up again. A great husband will want to support you, even when the going gets tough. If your husband is the type of person who always sees the good things in life, stays positive when faced with adversity and cheers you up when you need it, you have a gem for a husband.

True love and support comes from someone who challenges you, stands beside you when you need them, and gives you the support to grow as a person. They might seem like the busiest person in the world or the least affectionate at times, but when it matters, they will drop everything for you.

2. He Loves Spending Time with You

One sign that you have a great husband is if he loves being near you and tenderly shows it. No matter what you do together, he enjoys being near you. He laughs, makes jokes, takes your hand, touches your hair and makes you feel like a special woman. If your husband can stay home and watch a romantic movie with you, or go out to eat because he likes being with you, you’ve married a good man. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that a good husband is merely one who likes romantic movies and restaurants.

A great sign that there is mutual love in a marriage is the desire to adapt to the good habits and preferences of one’s spouse. Maybe you don’t like going out to the movies, but he does. Maybe you like Italian food and he likes Mexican food. A lot of happy couples adapted to activities they didn’t like before, but they now enjoy them together. Don’t focus on whether you like the activity your husband likes, just appreciate and value the fact that he wants to spend time with you.

3. He Worries About You

If your husband is concerned for your safety and he’s always making sure that you’re well taken care of, both physically and emotionally, you’ve won the lottery! Worrying is a sign of concern. A great husband will always want to make sure his wife is ok and out of harm’s way. Some husbands were not brought up to be emotional, creative, and romantic, but that doesn’t mean they don’t care.

Here’s a suggestion: when your husband wants to protect you from something, let him. Don’t resist, don’t complain; and above all, never think he underestimates you.

4. He’s Willing to Teach You What He Knows

Another sign that you have a great husband is if he is willing to teach you what he knows and is patient through the process. Maybe your husband doesn’t have the patience to teach you automobile mechanics, but he can teach you to fish or to cook. Remember ladies, husbands can cook too! You should appreciate when he wants you to learn something, even if it seems he’s thinking you’re “not as smart” as he is when it comes to a particular craft. Your husband is showing you he’s the best guy in the world when he really wants you to learn something. If he wants to teach you, accept it.

5. He Always Laughs When He’s Around You

Who doesn’t love a man with a great sense of humor? If your husband knows how to make you smile at the right time, if he’s cheerful despite having a bad day and if he tells you it makes him happy to see you smile, he’s a man you should hold onto. A happy husband will laugh around you because he’s excited to be with you. You might say something to him that’s barely funny and he’ll crack up just to make you smile. There’s nothing a great husband loves more than making his wife happy.

6. He Communicates Well

If your husband can talk to you about anything from sports to your favorite reality show and he listens to what you have to say and really tries to understand you, you have a super husband! Communication is a central part of every marriage. If your husband wants to talk to you about his problems, get interested. Let your response tell him that you also love to listen to listen to his problems and you value what he’s saying. Both of you want to be heard attentively. Give him the chance to hear you, and listen to him with all your heart.

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