Six Signs You Will Have Twins If You Ever Get Pregnant

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Signs You'll Born Twins

Twins are intriguing, if you’ve never wished to be a twin, you’ve probably secretly wanted to have twins yourself. What if I said that maybe you just might? Here are 6 likely signs you’ll have twins if you ever get pregnant;

1. Vivid Dreams
Some mothers of twins have claimed to have dreams earlier in their life or while they were in their early stages of  pregnancy that they were going to have twins. Have you ever dreamed that you had twins? It might be a sign.

2. Family history
It’s pretty common knowledge that if twins run in the family, there is an increased probability of having twins.

3. Have Diet Filled With Fattier Foods
I’m not saying unhealthy fatty foods, but someone who eats whole milk and meat often, is more likely to get twins than a vegetarian.

4. Number Of Kids You Have
For mothers, if you already have a few kids, the chance of getting twins is even higher.

5. Your Country
According to a study, where you’re from may also increase your chances of twins. Nigerians for some reason in particular have a higher chance of getting twins as opposed to Europeans.

6. If You Are In Your 30s and 40s
Naturally conceived twins and triplets are more common in women in their 30s and 40s. There is some idea that the older you are the more likely you are to conceive twins, because apparently as you reach the end of your fertile life the body panics a bit and often release more than one egg.


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