Snapchat introduces a Dual Camera feature

Snapchat announced today in a blog post a new and interesting feature will be coming to its app. Dual Camera will enable Snapchatters to make use of both the rear-facing and selfie cameras on their smartphones all at the same time.

By extension, this will, in Snapchat’s own words, create “a new way for Snapchatters to capture multiple perspectives at the same time – so everyone can be part of the moment”. This information was first brought forward by 9to5Mac in a dedicated article.

Snapchat’s Dual Camera is nothing revolutionary per se, as many other social media platforms (like BeReal for example) have already implemented similar, if not identical, features. To start using Dual Camera, users will simply have to open the Snapchat app and locate the new icon on the camera toolbar. After tapping it they will be able to use it to create Snaps, Stories and Spotlight videos.

On launch, Dual Camera will have a grand total of four layouts (vertical, horizontal, picture in picture, and cutout). The typical Snapchat creative tools (such as music, Stickers and Lenses) will also be available to use in conjunction with Dual Camera.

There is a small caveat, however. The iOS version of Snapchat will be receiving the update starting today. While the blog post does stipulate that Dual Camera will also be making its way to Android eventually, it does give us an exact timeframe.

All in all, Dual Camera will undoubtedly inject some welcome additional diversity in Snapchat allowing for a whole new dual (pun intended) perspective. The feature will pave the way for interesting forms of content – like reaction videos, video game streaming shorts etc.

There is no way of predicting what social media trend Dual Camera is going to create once users get a hold of it. One thing is certain, however – it is only a matter of time before we grow sick of it.


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