Solution To Mistakenly Or Accidentally Click On Your Adsense Ads, Step By Step Guides On How To Prevent Clicking On Your Own Adsense Ads

Hello to the bloggers in the building, Have you accidentally or mistakenly clicked on your own AdSense advertisement? Have you clicked on your AdSense AD many times? See what to do and the confirmed solution to fix that issue.

According to
Google AdSense terms or conditions and policies
, AdSense users are not permitted to click on their own advert, no matter the circumstances or situations but still yet, mistakes happens because there is an adage which says “Nobody is above mistake “.

When i also made this type of mistake, I was so scared cause it might lead to my adsense been banned. So, I Google searched about it but came out with the most happiest and best answer from Google.
In A Google post, I saw this below;

“Although publishers are not permitted to click on their own ads for any reason, we do understand that accidental clicks may occur. We therefore don’t require that you contact us every time you click on your ads. Rest assured that your account is being properly credited for all clicks and impressions we consider to be valid.”

Now, this post means that if you accidentally or mistakenly clicked on your AdSense Advert, you don’t have to worry and there is no need to report the issue to Google.
Also be aware that mistakes or accidental clicks cannot happen all the time. Buh If you excessively click on your AdSense AD, you will surely be banned which means, your AdSense account, YouTube video AdSense, domain, admob and any other monetization products that is owned by Google will be locked up from that email.


However, if you want to stop this from happening these are the two things to do;

1. By Enabling Google Publisher ToolBar – The Google Publisher Toolbar is a Chrome extension that lets you view up-to-date information about your account while browsing your site in Chrome. The Toolbar uses the Google Account you are signed in to to provide an overview of your earnings and performance, as well as ad overlays that offer in-page reporting and blocking controls.

To use the Google Publisher Toolbar you’ll need to install it and allow it access to the Google Account associated with your account.
* Browse to the
Google Publisher Toolbar (by Google) page.

* Click Add to Chrome.
* In the dialog that appears, click Add Extension. The Google Publisher Toolbar icon Google Publisher Toolbar icon that looks like a white line graph against a blue background. is added to the top right of your browser.
* Click the Google Publisher Toolbar icon.
* Click Allow to grant the Google Publisher Toolbar access to your account.
* Sign in to the Google Account associated with your account.
From your Chrome window, click the icon in the top right of your browser to view account performance.
Once you’ve installed the Google Publisher Toolbar, no further action is needed on your part to receive updates to the Toolbar.

2. Using Browser With Ad Blocker – To prevent you from clicking your own AdSense advertisement, kindly use an AD blocking browser. This option is not advice able though.

3. Be Careful When Browsing Your Own Blog/Site – When you are viewing your own blog on your phone, Try to be extra-careful for you not to mistakenly click on your ads by yourself.

Hope this is helpful?

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