South Africans Will Die Poor Because They Only Want Ready Made Things But Can’t Make Their Own – African Man Says

South Africans Will Die Poor

An African has expressed his feelings towards the way some South Africans behave. According to what him, he said;

You are sitting at home and hating on foreigners who are able to make money for themselves and their families.

Zimbabweans can sell vegetables for a living. South Africans we need to think out of the box and focus on making money and working together just like they do.

Maybe we can talk nicely to foreigners and try to understand why did they leave their loved ones far away and cross borders legally and otherwise just to face the harshest conditions in a foreign land, but still insisting on staying.

I believe these brothers and sisters didn’t just wake up and decided to cross borders. I believe they were pushed by the circumstances to do that.

And no matter what you can do to them as you force them to leave this country is nothing compared to what they ran away from in their countries.

Can we please try to accommodate them. I just wish they stay in their lanes too and not think their rights are more than the citizens.
Most South Africans will die poor because they are busy accusing foreigners of what they are doing.

If you tell a South African to start their own business they will come up with a lot of excuses and when you tell them about paying first to get products in return they will either tell you it’s too much money.

Then tell them about some sort of investment and they will get more money without doing anything hey they will borrow that money until they find it invest and the investment will vanish before they get their returns.

Model of the story South Africans are lazy to work,lazy to recruit but quick to tell you that some famous DJ will be playing at some club
You better change your mindset cos our economy is getting worse by the day so please learn to have a mind of an entrepreneur

What do you think about this? Does this guy makes any sense at all?

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