Stay In Your Different Houses Untill Better Solution Is Found to Coronavirus Cause Your Safety Is Not Assured – Pastor Warns Members

Pastors warns Members from attending church

A Church known as Destiny Empowerment Chapel International has asked its members to continue to stay home until a better solution is found to solve issues that have to do with COVID-19.

The President of Ghana announced yesterday that religious activities can take place starting from June 5. According to him, Churches are supposed to admit 100 people at a time and Church Services can hold on for one hour.

But in a swift response to the directive, Destiny Empowerment Chapel International believes that it’s still not safe to congregate because one cannot tell if an individual has the virus by just looking at his/ her face.

The Church has decided to advice its virtual churches to keep their members safe from COVID-19 because they will be needed to worship God when things are settled and safe in the country.

However, Ghana has currently recorded 8,070 cases with 36 deaths.

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