Steps On How To Register Domain On Web4africa

Domain is the first thing to think about before you create a blog/site, because if you have domain your site will be ranking well in the search engine pages, people will trust you and your blog /site, you will be able to apply for adsense.
I think you now know the usefulness of having a domain, now lets get the work done.

How To Register Domain On Web4africa

* Visit, in the search box input the domain name you want to register(dont put www or http) and select the drop down menu to choose maybe .com,.ng or any name you want and click on continue. As you can see below;

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* It will now direct you to a page where you will see some other available domains,where you will choose the currency you want to pay with and choose how many years you want your domain to be, select your currency and domain you want to register then click on continue.

* It will now show up a page where you will review your order and select name savers, just leave the name server as it is and continue.

* The next page is your order summary, look at it if their is no mistake then click on check out.

* Now you are at the final step, just fill your contact information, and choose your payment method and accept there terms and conditions, then click on complete order.

Now, you just have to wait for some hours for them to confirm your payment, they will send Message to you through your email address.

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