Stop Advising Me to Leave My Girlfriend Cause She Is a Spiritual Goddess, I Love Her Like That – Man Says

Don't advice me not to marry my wife

Eto Chimezieh, A young man is in love with Adaeze Gift okolie, a spiritual goddess known as EzeNwanyi in Igbo land.

The guy used his Facebook handle to warn people to stop advising him to leave the spiritual goddess (EzeNwanyi). According to his post he said;

“If you are among those that give me wrong advice about her. Advising me to leave her, disliking her, even planning to advise me to leave her. Have you prayed for me before?

I have seven pastors but none of them have spent their airtime to call or pray for me before instead they send me account numbers to always pay my tithes.

But this innocent, caring and peaceful girl always spend her time, her airtime and her strength just to talk and pray for me. So I owe her nothing just to love her with all my heart cause she is pure. So keep your advice.”

See the post below;

Many reactions arose from the guy’s post. Some supported him and some was against.

“My soul and spirit knows that if I don’t love her this way, I don’t think another man can take care of her the way I did” – He added.

The girl who he is in love with is a popular spiritual helper just like Angela Nwosu, today people are not ashamed of their gifts anymore. Rather they are proud of been digital Ogbanje.

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