Stop Using These Two Things to Charge Your Phone If You Want It to Last Long

According to a post seen online, It claims phones don’t last long anymore due to what we are now using to charge it. Below is what the article is all about;

Looking at the way of things and the way things are going. Technology has taken over the world now where we can use car to drive ourselves, television to watch film, and also generator, solar to charge our phone and electricity to charge our phones.

However, In this article, we will talking about two things you shouldn’t using to charge your phone if you want your phone to last longer. Below are the two common things people use to charge their phones that might not make it last;

1. Generator

I know a lot of people will doubt it if they’re told to stop using generators to charge phones.

The reason being that, it weakens the strength of a battery, but people thinks it is a joke.

If you notice if you buy a laptop or a phone the first thing a good seller will tell you is to stop using unstable light to charge your phones. Rather you use electricity light if there is no light then it is better you use solar light.

2. Power Banks

Many will think that power bank is the best for them to use when there is no light. Kindly note that its not the best. it’s better to get your solar panel and use it to charge instead.

The reason being that sometimes the strength of your battery is more than that of some power banks, but because of the way they are designed they do charge any current into the phone.

That is why you will see that sometimes instead of your phone to be charging it will be decreasing, and this can spoil the phone.

What do you think about this? Kindly drop your comments.

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