Storm makes landfall in South Korea after battering Japanese islands where four people are currently missing

After causing destruction in southern Japanese islands, where four people are currently missing. A typhoon has made landfall in South Korea

The storm reached Ulsan, just north of Busan, South Korea’s second-largest city, on Monday.

It had sustained winds of up to 89mph, but the Korea Meterological Administration (KMA) has said it has since weakened, with maximum winds now reaching 67mph.

Forecasters expect the typhoon to be downgraded to a tropical storm in the next 12 hours.

South Korea has seen significant disruption to travel as roads were flooded, some train services were suspended and more than 300 flights across 10 different airports were cancelled.

Power cuts in thousands of households have also been reported, including in the resort island of Jeju.

Typhoon Haishen triggered a landslide on the southern Japanese island, Kyushu, with four people reported missing, according to officials.

It is reported that a further 37 people sustained injuries in this region of Japan.

Japanese media has reported significant damage caused to buildings, flooded roads, and power blackouts in nearly half a million households.

In western Japan, many factories, schools and businesses have closed due to the storm, with hundreds of flights and train services also being cancelled.

Around eight million people in Japan were asked to evacuate their homes in the path of the storm, with thousands also evacuating in South Korea.

This is the second storm taking a similar route through southern Japan and South Korea seen in less than two weeks, and the tenth in the season.

Last week, Typhoon Maysak left dozens with injuries and caused damage to a number of buildings.

It also caused a livestock cargo ship, carrying nearly 6,000 cattle and 43 crew members, to capsize and sink.

Two sailors were rescued, and one body was recovered, but search operations have been suspended due to the current storm.

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