Street Fight Among Some Nigerian Women, a Trending Shame Of Our Modern Society

Fighting in public among some Nigerian women has now become a normal norm, an embarrassment to the female gender which these women who shamelessly engage in street fights do not care about.

A trivia issue or misunderstanding in the public among two Nigerian women will quickly escalate and the next line of action will be that these women are already exchanging blows while they naked one another in public in the cause of their fight. TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

The cause of these fights by these women most times will be over a man. A situation where these women will engage each other in a fight over the claim that one of them is having an affair with the male partner of the other one.

It is more than embarrassing to see grown-up women fighting each other naked in public, however, these women do not care about how shameful this behaviour is. In this modern era of our society, grown-up women shouldn’t be seen on the street fighting each other, throwing blows and engaging in all sorts of violent attitudes.

If these immodest act of fighting in public isn’t curtailed, it will end up as a phenomenon that will be passed on to the upcoming generation who will also maintain this embarrassing and disgraceful behaviour.

It is one thing for women to be seen fighting each other and it is another thing to see women fighting each other in public, while they naked each other in the cause of the fight. It is also very unfortunate that these shameful and embarrassing act is often among the married women in our society who have kids that are looking up to them.

It appears that this “gutter behaviour” of fighting in public is mostly among some none educated Nigerian women who are lacking in moral and ethical education and are not familiar with the Implications of fighting in public.

Our Nigerian women should try and do better to stop this disgraceful behaviour. There are women in our Nigerian society that are well educated with good ethical behaviour. These women should come together to form a union that will sensitise other women about how discomfiting it is to be seen fighting each other naked in the public.

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