Success Story: How a Boy Rose From Biting Poverty To a Music Star In Nigeria

A multiple award winning singer in Nigeria whom we will not reveal his name today due to some reasons best known to us. During his latest interview on TV, disclosed how he finally became a star in music.

He said he had gone through a lot in life during his early days forcing him to drop out of school while he was just 11 years old.

According to his narration on live interview, he opened up on how his family struggled through witchcraft as their neighbour had bewitched them never to make it in life. He disclosed that his father was sacked from job and her mother, a nurse, followed too.

“You will never make it in life unless I am dead,” the dangerous neighbor once told her mother in broad day light.

This actually haunted them for long. They couldn’t afford putting food on the table and life became so miserable forcing some of his elder sisters to start early prostitution.

On his part, he couldn’t get someone to marry when time came; that anytime he got a nice woman to marry, they separated within just first three months. This was how bad their life was. The curse from that woman was haunting them.

But it was until his uncle rushed him to a traditional healer and spell caster in their County that their problems were fixed permanently and his talent started showing off, went for recording auditions, won and became a musical star not just in Nigeria but in Africa as a whole.

He then could make high selling music, take his younger siblings back to school and get someone to marry.

He finally managed to marry a woman who many people thought he could not fund her life but that was the girl for him.

The woman was so good to be dumped. She loved him back and always took good care of him, and as we speak, they already have three kids. This is definitely a healthy and wealthy family.

The musician narrated how witchcraft helped fight the witches someone had sent to their family. He continued to praise Mugwenu Witchdoctor for having made all these possible.

“I did not believe that witches could only be fought by another until Mugwenu came to our rescue that I believed it.

I am happy that everything has been working perfect in my family and I want to encourage those with similar problems to try Mugwenu Traditional Doctors,” he said on live Tv interview.

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