T-Mobile continues to expand its 5G Home Internet service at breakneck speed

There’s only one thing T-Mobile likes to do even more than flaunt the game-changing technological achievements and industry-leading milestones of its various networks, and that’s without a doubt expanding said networks to more and more people in more and more places across the country.

While T-Mo claims that this latest expansion will open the door to blazing fast and ultra-affordable internet in “nearly” 5 million more homes, the total 40 million+ household tally boasted a couple of months ago alongside an actual head count of “just” 1 million users nationwide is staying unchanged… for now.

That’s unlikely to remain the case much longer, of course, at least if Magenta continues to keep up this expansion pace over the next few months. We fully expect the 5G Home Internet network to cross the 50 million (theoretical) availability milestone in the relatively near future while presumably gunning for its second million of subscribers by the end of the year.

If you live in Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, or Oklahoma (yes, even in a rural area) and you’re dissatisfied with the cost, availability, and especially speed of your “traditional” home broadband options, it’s probably a good idea to check if T-Mobile has you covered.
You can currently take the 5G Home Internet service (where available) for a 100 percent gratis 15-day test drive, and if that works as well as T-Mo expects, you’re only looking at coughing up $50 a month afterwards with all taxes and fees included, no equipment costs, no lengthy contracts, and perhaps most importantly, no Verizon or AT&T-inspired price hikes.
Yes, it’s all as simple and as affordable as it sounds, and if you’re a Magenta MAX customer (with a family account), you can pay even less for your unlimited 5G Home Internet access ($30 a month, to be exact). No wonder Verizon was forced to counterattack recently with its very own 5G Home Internet discounts for mobile-first subscribers.

Source: phonearena.com

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