Tell Yourself These Things If Your Partner Doesn’t Call You Back

do these if he doesn't call back

Has your partner not been calling you as of recent? It is worth worrying if you notice your man or woman stops communicating. There are several reasons that can make your partner not to call. Some of the reasons include loss of interest and cheating among others. Below are things you must tell yourself if he doesn’t call you anymore;

1. My Self-worth Is Not Dependent On Our Relationship
Do not leave a man to be the center of your life. It is worth noting that you have your self-worth. A woman who respects herself will concentrate on things that matter rather than seeking attention for no reason.

2. His Opinion About Me Doesn’t Really Matter
Do not be the kind of persons who thinks so much about the opinions of other people.
Remember some of these opinions do not matter. If he tells you something nasty, do not let it go into your head. It is important to know that the man God planned for you will never walk away.  Stay calm and he will always come back to you at the right time. Real women never cry over men.

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