Ten Things Most Ladies Look For In a Guy Before Falling In Love With Him, No 1, 2 and 4 Will Surprise You

Most men get upset whenever a lady turned them down on their first approach. Sometimes they feel that they are not good enough for such ladies.

Many men even think that they must be of same high class with a lady before they can even approach. But the truth is, yes, you must be of same high class for you to be able to approach a high class lady. But, not all the time.

Reason is that you cannot see a high class lady on the streets. Before you can have the opportunity to meet such ladies, you must be in their high class social gathering too. Only then you can think of making a move. This scenario has eaten up on so many men self esteem that they tend to settle for less.

But in reality, you can actually get any kind of woman you want for yourself if fate permits it.

Most men don’t even focus on these things we are about to mention below because they think they don’t matter. But in women’s world, they do matter for real. Many Women fall in love with things that doesn’t make too much sense in Men’s world though.

Here are the top 10 Things Most Women Look For In A Guy Before Falling For Him

1. Teeth

The first thing a woman will look in you when you make the first move to talk to them is your teeth. I don’t really know why they do this but, i think many of them hates brown teeth. They dislike guys with dirty teeth.

2. Shoes

Many ladies love guys with smart and clean shoes. Not those types of shoes that their colors have changed from black to spirit chocolate. I think to them, good shoes simply means a guy is well to do.

3. Wrist Watch

Many Ladies really love guys who wears wristwatches. To them, any guy who puts on a wrist watch means business. Apart from that, wristwatches makes a man looks presentable. I mean, it feels good to be ahead of time.

4. Spectacles

Most Women love guys who wears transparent eye glasses. To them, any guy with Spectacles is responsible, but they never knew that many of such guys are the most dangerous womanizer.

5. Manner Of Approach

Many ladies hate arrogant and not too well mannered guys. When you approach a girl with disrespect, it simply means that you are a bully. Nobody wants to date a bully sorry. Did i say nobody? forgive me please. Some ladies actually love bullies because they want other guys to stay away from them. So they tend to use their bully boyfriends to intimidate…..good luck on that.

6. Hair Style

Many ladies actually dislikes guys with ratty or dread locks kind of hair style. To them, that is a sign of a rascal. But many of them never knew that dread locks or ratty are actually African originated.

7. Bad Breathe

I think almost everybody dislikes someone with mouth odor tho. Because it can be very irritating. So i don’t really have to deliberate on this one too much.

8. Mode Of Dressing

Many ladies love guys who dresses smart. You know, with good and well ironed shirts, with nice pair of trousers to go with, nice shoes, nice haircut with well shaved beards.

But the truth is, you can actually make your man be like the ideal man you want for yourself too.

9. Masculine

Majority of women love men with muscles. To them, men with muscles are full of strength. But the truth is that many men with muscles can really disappoint you cause many of them can’t really withstand your pressure.

10. Money

I really think with this one, you can achieve many that i have mentioned from one to nine. Of course, no woman wants to suffer. Like they always say, “it is better to cry in a Bentley than to cry in a Tri-cycle. But women of this generation really need to work because no man is ready to marry a broke woman.

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