The Bible Is a Big Fat Lie and True Christians Shouldn’t Believe In It – Nigeria Lady Says

A Nigerian lady, Mercy Benjamin by name is not done yet with Christians and she appears ready to go all out in redefining the acceptable doctrines of Christianity in Nigeria.

Mercy Benjamin made a post on her Facebook page describing Bible as a big fat lie. In other word, everything that is written in the Bible is a lie and should be discarded by believers.

Where in the world did Mercy Benjamin descend from? How come she had suddenly turned herself to stumbling block for those who are ready to follow the path of Christianity through the laid down doctrines of their leaders?

While many Christians are currently glued to their social media pages to receive inspirational messages as a means of renewing their faith in this trying time, mercy Benjamin on her part is busy spreading blasphemous messages through her Facebook account.

Early today, she shared how a respected man of God nearly ruined her childhood and Christians and Christianity became angry and hungry. She said the matter is yet to be settled.

She also wrote on her page that; TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

“Can you please stop coming to preach to me? Do not preach to me about a God who allowed people like Pastor Kumuyi continued to lead multitudes in deceptive dillusional manner. Preaching to me is a pure waste of time. Stop it.”

If truly mercy Benjamin is from this planet, then there is need for someone or perhaps, a set of people who really love her to call her to order before her matter get out of hand.

This is the time for her parents and relatives, if she ever had any to rise up to the occasion and save her from herself. Christianity or no Christianity, she needs to be responsible and behave like a well trained child by her parents.

She needs to stop being merciless on men of God and Christians.

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  1. She needs to be treated mentally

  2. Please, do not gag her. Tell the lying do called men of God to stop their dirty tricks. They have sent many away from God by their fraudulent, stealing, rape, and impoverishing many and sent many to their graves so early in disagreement. Merry Benjamin, please God is real and you can find Him not in miracles but real faith. Try other paths and you shall get it in Siraatal mustaqeem- the straight path. May Allah guide you

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