The Galaxy Z Flip 3 just got less valuable when upgrading to the Z Flip 4 (kind of)

Foldable phones might have dropped in price in the last year or two, but let’s not kid ourselves — they are still premium pieces of tech that are not easily available to most people. Just like with other expensive phones, though, one silver lining is the option to trade in another phone in exchange for a lower price.Well, in the case of Samsung’s latest clamshell-like foldable — the Galaxy Z Flip 4 — the company offered owners of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 up to a $900 discount, which meant fans of the Z Flip line could buy the latest model for just $99! As the folks at 9to5Google noticed, however, that is no longer the case.

Or at least, it is no longer true for all iterations of the Galaxy Z Flip 3. You see, before made the change, there was only one trade-in option for the last-gen Flip. The difference is that there are now two options that correspond to the 128GB version and the 256GB one.

These are the optimal trade-in values of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 when buying a Galaxy Z Flip 4 as of now:

  • 128GB Galaxy Z Flip 3 — $700
  • 256GB Galaxy Z Flip 3 — $900

You can now pre-order the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 right here!

Frankly, this only seems fair, given that storage is the main price differentiator when buying a new phone. Now, the difference between the 128GB and 256GB options for the Z Flip 3 is $100 when buying it new, but that does not directly translate to the same price difference when trading them in.

There are likely other factors at play here that affect the trade-in price difference. Two that come to mind are how useful Samsung finds each storage variant, or how desirable they are in a refurbished state.

Despite this change, the trade-in value for both storage variants is still great if you own a Z Flip 3 and want to get the new generation!

On a side note, you can also trade in a Galaxy Z Fold 3 for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and get up to $1000 in credit. Even better, when you add the free upgrade from 256GB to 512GB, you get an even more amazing offer of just $799!


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