The Hidden Truth You Don’t Know About Jehova Withnesses That You Need to Know Today, Check It Out

You ‘d be interested to learn that Jehovah’s Witnesses (JW) emerged as a branch of the Bible Student movement that formed among followers of Christian Restorationist preacher, Charles Taze Russell, in the United States in the 1870s.

In 1881 Bible Student missionaries were sent to England and in 1900 in London the first branch of overseas was opened. The group took on the name of the International Association of Bible Students, and was also active in Canada, Germany, Australia and other countries by 1914.

However, after Russell ‘s death in 1916, the movement split into several rival organisations, one led by Russell ‘s successor, Joseph “Judge” Rutherford, Retaining control of his magazine The Watch Tower, as well as his legal and publishing corporation The Watch Tower Bible and the Pennsylvania Tract Society.

Under the leadership of Rutherford, major doctrinal changes were implemented by the International Bible Students Association which resulted in several long-term members leaving the organisation.

The group regreted rapidly, with the introduction of new methods of preaching especially in the mid-1930s. In 1931, it adopted the name Jehovah’s Witnesses, further breaking ties with earlier adherents of Russell.


Too many scandals have arisen around Charles Taze Russel ‘s underground lifestyle. Russell was the first to be a Freemason. All the early watchtower and books he published have symbology and symbolism of Freemason all over them.

Before I read all about Freemasons and the so-called “Illuminati,” a community of 13 families who allegedly rule the universe, I considered not a big deal.

Many of these families are the DuPonts, Mcdonalds, Kennedys, Onassis, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, China’s Li dynasty, and so on and all of them have their fingers in investment banking , finance, technology, etc.

Its goal is to dominate everyone else simply by influencing society to recognize at some stage one world government (New World Order, UN), which they would rule through its already great degree of power.

Much of the architecture and ritual at Freemason is based on Egyptology. Some think that the same group of people who ruled Egypt have interbred with other important families around the world for centuries in order to retain a monopoly on power and economics, and the Freemason culture is how they keep networking and keep their bloodlines pure.

Here is for me the perfect kicker. I was doing some innocent research on Jehovah ‘s Witnesses just to remember the old days when I came upon the fact that Charles T. Russell, the father of JWs, was an ex-Freemason. The Russells are one of the 13 Illuminati identified families, too. More so, the Witnesses adopted the New World Translation (NWT) version for their official Bible in accordance with the New World Order agenda.

Both early watchtowers and JW books have symbology of Freemason on the cover. At first, no big deal, right? Incorrect. You have a perfect union between the two when you combine the purpose between freemasonry, or the Illuminati, with the teachings of Jehovah’s Testimonies.

The entire aim of JWs is basically to see an end to organized religion and governments. Just what the Illuminati want! So, they ‘re trying hard to persuade people to prepare for it ahead of time.

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  1. let God Jehovah for give you for what you are saying because you don’t know what you are saying.

  2. are you sure of what you are saying.
    all I to say Jehovah forgave because you don’t Know what you are saying.

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