The Macbook Air M1 is the undercover best laptop deal of Prime Day 2022

The Macbook Air M1 might fly a bit under the radar now that we have new Macbooks with M2 processors, as well as the updated Pro versions, but those newer laptops also come at notably higher prices, which – let’s be honest – might just be above the budget of most of us.

That’s why this Prime Day deal for the Macbook Air M1 is the one I would go for, if I had to buy a new laptop right now. Now, we are saying Prime Day deal in this case, simply because that is the big shopping event happening right now, but Prime Day deals for this Macbook have expired or been sold out, and this particular deal comes from Best Buy which is hosting its own “anti Prime Day”, if you wish.

And quite successfully at that! The $100 price cut on the Macbook Air M1 might not seem like a giant price cut, but if you follow the prices of Apple gadgets, you would know that this is a good deal. It’s not the best we have seen as back a few months ago we saw the price dip to $799, but that was more of an isolated incident. The popularity of this laptop and the fact it was quickly sold out on Amazon tells us that if you like this deal, you should probably act quick.

In fact, if my personal experience counts, I have been using the Macbook Air M1 for about a year now and I have never felt I needed more power despite doing some video editing with 4K files. I have also been happy with the battery life and the fast and reliable overall performance. This Macbook also has great speakers that beat many other Windows laptops in the same price category.


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