The Nokia quiz: Test your Nokia knowledge!

It’s Friday again and time for our regular quiz, aiming to jiggle your brain cells around. We did Motorola, we did Apple, we did even Sony. And now it’s time to do Nokia – the brand that once ruled the smartphone world.

Everybody knows Nokia – if not for the Symbian smartphones of old, then for the iconic, ever present in memes, Nokia 3310. The brand is still alive and kicking, although today its market share is pretty tiny compared to its glory days, a decade or so ago.

Nokia is still a behemoth of a company, and even though the mobile business changed hands several times, there are still people who fondly remember their Nokia phones. My first smartphone was a Nokia E51, built with excruciating attention to detail in Finland (I was very proud of the “Made in Finland” stamp).

The Microsoft acquisition also brought a couple of iconic phones to the table, and even though it wasn’t a commercial success, many people loved the Windows experience on a phone (and still do to this day).

We have 20 questions for you to answer, with sprinkles of visual cues here and there, and some history questions, as well (not too many). There’s no counter on the questions, so you can take your time (we hope you won’t cheat, as this is purely for entertainment purposes). The very specific naming scheme of Nokia phones makes this quiz a tad harder but if you’re a true Nokia fan that won’t scare you. 

Where does the name NOKIA come from?

What was depicted on the first logo of the company?

What was the name of the first mobile phone released by Nokia?

Guess the Nokia phone in the picture!

What was the first Nokia phone to feature the iconic Snake game?

There is a special tone available to users of Nokia phones when receiving SMS. What is it?

Guess the Nokia phone in the picture!

The first Nokia touchscreen phone was launched back in 2004. Name it!

What was the first Nokia phone with Android OS?

Guess the Nokia phone in the picture!

What was the first Nokia phone to feature a QWERTY keyboard?

In 2003 Nokia released a dedicated gaming phone. What was its name?

Guess the Nokia phone in the picture!

What was the Nokia phone featured in the blockbuster movie “The Matrix”?

Nokia developed its own operating system for tablets and smartphones to compete with Apple and Android. What was its name?

Guess the Nokia phone in the picture!

The best-selling phone of all time is a Nokia device. Which one?

What was the first Nokia phone to run Windows?

Guess the Nokia phone in the picture!

What was the last flagship phone made by Nokia?


Maybe you’re too young to remember Nokia’s glorious days, or maybe the company failed to make an impression on you. Is this an iPhone sticking out of your pocket? We’re joking! Hopefully, you enjoyed our little quiz and learnt something new about this iconic Finnish brand.

Nokia enthusiast

That’s not bad! You probably have a couple of old Nokia phones stashed somewhere in you basement! Why not dust them off and give them as spin!

Nokia die-hard fan!

Are you one of those 5,000 people who bought a Nokia N-Gage? We bet you are! A true Nokia die-hard fan (Bruce Willis just for dramatic effect). Let’s hope Nokia will some day return to its former glory…

We hope you enjoy the trivia and if you’ve missed our other brand-themed quizzes, you can check them all out in the links down below. There’s also a very popular “Guess the phone” visual cue quiz, so check that one out, too (if you haven’t done so already). Also, share your thoughts in the comments below, along with any recommendations and quiz ideas.

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