The OnePlus 10T is as durable as they come… at least according to the company

If you’re the least bit familiar with Zack Nelson’s popular JerryRigEverything durability tests on YouTube, you probably know most phones nowadays pass these inspections with flying colors, suggesting the mobile industry as a whole has made solid progress in this field over the years.

Of course, certain device manufacturers are still better than others at making robust yet lightweight products likely to withstand the typical abuse associated with modern everyday usage for several years sans breaking (unless dropped on a hard surface).

And then you have the odd vendor that somehow “manages” to release two consecutive flagships incapable of surviving a “standard” bend test. OnePlus is currently in this very uncomfortable position after both the 10 Pro and 10T catastrophically failed the aforementioned JRE durability assessments, which essentially forced the company to issue an official statement on the matter… that may not do much to comfort existing users and potential buyers.
According to OnePlus (as quoted by Gadgets 360), its “extensive durability testing procedures” were all met or “exceeded” by the 10T prior to a formal announcement a few weeks back. Said procedures apparently included a “pressure test where the device is suspended while weight is applied to its centre on both its front and back”, which the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 powerhouse evidently cleared, proving its “enhanced structure engineering design can bear over 45kg of external force.”
That’s roughly 100 pounds, in case you’re wondering, and while we’re not exactly familiar with what’s considered typical in the industry when it comes to these sorts of pre-release scientific tests, it sounds like the OnePlus 10T may not be able to carry the weight of most adult humans.
That could prove problematic if you accidentally sit on the handset a few times… or if you push really hard on both its top and bottom simultaneously. Unsurprisingly, OnePlus further claims its devices are always thoroughly verified to not only be “beautiful and burdenless” but also “durable” and fully capable of withstanding “everyday usage”, which may well prove to be the case for the vast majority of owners.
After all, you’re unlikely to ever exert as much pressure on your phone in “everyday usage” as Zack Nelson does in his videos, which doesn’t change the simple fact that the $750 and up OnePlus 10T is way easier to break than Google’s $450 Pixel 6a.


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