The Strongest Pastors On Earth Cannot Deliver Me, Where Would They Get There Power From – Angela Says

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The supposed lady who have been making raid as being a proud witch and servant of Amadioha on socia- media, has exposed some serious secrets most big and honorable pastors do today.

The lady who goes by the name Angela Nwosu on facebook has stated that she is a proud witch who run a coven of witches, according to her, being a witch is an honour and that it gives her the power to do many things and as it is, she revealed that if you want to join her coven, you must be at least 23 years old and above.

This lady without regretting a word spilled the beans of how she holds sexual power over men, that even the strongest of pastors cannot deliver her, instead, they are busy scamming people with fake prophecies and deceit, buying private jets and dragging the role of the most richest pastor in Africa.

Below is what she posted on her Facebook account;

Did you know that this lady has a Facebook page where she announce her testimonies and achievements so far of being a witch and also running a coven of witches? This is really the end time. Do not be fooled by any satanic pastor, instead read your Bible daily to learn how to approach this end time.

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