The World Will Not Go Back to Normal From Coronavirus Unless All People On Earth Do Only This Thing – Bill Gates Says

Bill Gates, Microsoft giant, has said in a recent interview that the “World will not go back to normal till all 7 billion people are forced to take my vaccine.” Gates added that it won’t take the government to force people not to go to stadiums but the fear of contracting the virus will cause people to stay away from others. The only way to get back to normality will be for everyone to get the vaccine, Gates says.

“Things will only be normal if the whole world population is vaccinated, this is our top priority,” Gates said during the interview.

But the whole world is still not falling for it, saying they are aware of Bill Gates’ tricks of trying to reduce the population. See the reaction of some Twitter users below;

@stevo1962 This guy is dangerous not to mention a liar. There will be no covid-19 vaccine. Like SARS another coronavirus it’s too much of a moving target to create a vaccine. There is no vaccine for SARS even thou they have tried for years.

@Mokgomogane If you don’t protest the lockdown in your respective countries, you will fall into the trap. The lockdown is to create mass dependency. For you to benefit from the relief plans & to get out of lockdown to reintegrate into society, you’d have to be vaccinated. That’s the purpose.

@Mzit_World God pls remove this man from your beautiful earth he’s becoming a danger to the human population for his own personal Vendetta,and please do the same to those who want to continue this inhumane behaviour. Amen🙏

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