There Is No Coronavirus, We Are Just Been Played Since These While – South Africans React

There is no Coronavirus in south Africa

South Africans were furious on the time line after reports that a kid who died in a car accident has been listed as a Covid-19 dead.

This prompted South Africans to question whether they have been played by the government over a ‘bogus’ disease.

A south Africans known as AdvoBarryRoux went on Twitter to tweet this tweet below and lots of South Africans reacted to it. Here is the tweet below;

Man’s NOT Barry Roux @AdvoBarryRoux
A child who died in car accident is on the list of people who died of CoronaVirus! #Covid_19SA #COVIDー19.

South Africans reacted to the tweet above, see the replies from Twitter below:

Pythagoras @BlackPythagoras
Replying to @AdvoBarryRoux
Everyone knows the COVID-19 stats are being highly exaggerated to induce fear. Not only the death stats but also the infection stats. Any doctors who are speaking up are being threatened or silenced. Government is using the virus stats as a means to control people.

Replying to @AdvoBarryRoux
Seems like now that’s what they do, they nolonger do autopsy. They conclude to say corona.

The Zulu Unicorn@yanditheunicorn
Replying to @AdvoBarryRoux
Not the first case this is happening. Most cases where one dies from “corona” did not in fact die from corona. It’s really sketchy.

Do you think the government is guilty of doctering the stats to instill fear on the citizens or do you believe Corona virus doesn’t exist? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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