These Eleven Things Can Lead to Downfall Of a Man, Avoid Doing It If You Want a Successful Life

Things that cause downfall of man

A man is an adult male human. Most downfall of men are caused by Multiple girlfriends. Sex is a spiritual encounter you must stand to correct, not every girl has a good spirit, some are demon, some has poison in between their legs, some are killers and destiny destroyers, be careful. A man who can control his sexual urge is a man who can live many years one earth. Below are some of the things that can cause downfall of a man, Avoid them;

1. Having Many Girlfriends
Having many girlfriends does not make you a man. It only makes you a womanizer and a cheat, so try your possible best to avoid this cause it can lead to your downfall. A real man has only one woman in his life.

2. Sagging Your Trouser
You don’t need to sag your trousers and walk round the street before girls will love you. Infact it is only small boys that sag trousers and it is premature little girls that fall in love with men who sag trousers.

3. For the fact that you are good in bed does not make you a man. A real man is the man who does not run away from his responsibility but faces it squarely.

4. Use and Dump
Don’t use and dump ladies. Remember the law of karma. Whatever you do, you will receive the reward.

5. Sleeping With Any Girl You See
If you cannot make her your wife, don’t make her a mother. If she can’t be your wife don’t sleep with her.

6. It is not everything you see under skirt that you should hustle to eat, some skirts contain snakes that will bite you and leave you uncomfortable. Control your sex urge. Self control and abstinence in most cases pays a lot.

7. Dating Because Of Shape
Do not date a lady because she has sexy curves, boobs and shapes. Those things are just packaging; and packaging can be very deceptive, avoid such.

8. Respect any lady that loves you. It’s not easy for a lady to throw her love on you and support your future. but never take that for granted.

9. Can’t Caution Yourself
Do not obey your erection at all times. Most times our erections mislead us to the wrong direction. Control your erection. Don’t let your erection control you. If you don’t you will have few days on earth with much poverty on you.

10. Beating a Woman
Do not beat any woman, either she is your wife or not, never lay your hand on girl.

11. Can’t Keep Secret
If you can’t keep secret you’re not a real man. Real man learn how to keep secret, not all that happens in your home that you turn to discussion outside with friends or family.

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