These Seven Things Will Make a Woman Cry Without Beating Her

Women are very emotional being and there is a high chance that they will cry whenever you do something to them either good or bad. Women are very special and they deserve the best treatment.

And no occasion should a man hit or hurt a woman. On no condition should a man make a woman cry unless you do any of the following. Below are things you can do for a woman to make her cry; TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

1. Give Her Money

You do not need to be told that everyone loves money and women are not an exception and as you may know to look good is serious business. If you want to pamper her, then you should always send her money when she is not expecting, send her money for upkeeps and send her money for trips unexpectedly.

2. Buy Her Surprise Gifts

Women love to be spoilt, they love gifts especially when it is coming from the right person, look for something that will make her scream and shed tears of joy and buy for her. Remember ladies love surprises and when you surprise her, it will end in tears of joy.

3. Send a Romantic Love Letter and Gifts To Her Office

Women love to be adored, catered and cared for, send her romantic love message cards, tell her how beautiful she is and how lucky you are to have her in your life. She will definitely be over happy and shed tears

4. Plan a Surprise Engagement

One of the best things you can do to your woman is to ask her hand in marriage. After dating the love of your life, one of the best things you can do to the woman of your dreams is to ask her to marry you. Ever wondered why women cry when they get an unexpected proposal? When you successfully pull this through she won’t only shed tears of joy.

5. Send Her On a Surprise All-expense-paid Vacation

Women love to travel, they love adventure, they love tours, plan a surprise getaway and invite her on an all-expense-paid trip to her dream destination and watch her shed tears of joy.

6. Buy Her Dream Car

Everyone loves a luxury lifestyle and provided if you can afford it, buy her the car of her dream and watch her shed tears of joy.

7. Be Romantic

Every woman loves a romantic man, be romantic, take her on romantic dates, boat cruise, dinner, be sweet, loving and caring.

The listed above will surely make a girl shed tears. If you know any other things that can make women cry.

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