These Things Will Happen If You Clean Your Bottom With Toilet Paper

Cleaning bottom with tissue paper

Anal hygiene or anal cleansing refers to hygienic practices that are performed on a person’s anus, usually shortly after defecation. The anus and buttocks may be washed or wiped (typically with toilet paper or wet wipes ) in order to remove remnants of fecal matter. In Muslim and Hindu cultures, as well as in Southeast Asia and Southern Europe, water is usually used for anal cleansing using a jet, as with a bidet, or (most commonly) using the hand. This is sometimes followed by drying the area with a cloth towel or toilet paper. In some parts of developing countries and during camping trips, materials such as vegetable matter, mud, snow, stones, sticks, and leaves are sometimes used for anal cleansing. Wiping and washing might seem as though they’re pretty basic human skills, but in reality, there are plenty of ways to mess them up. Below are some reasons why you should not clean or wipe your butt with tissue paper or towel;

1. It Leaves Behind Faecal Traces
Merely wiping your butts could leave faeces behind. This could make you prone to various health conditions and it could even lead to infections and UTIs.

2. Wiping Paper Can Contain Bleach
You may not know it, but white toilet paper could contain bleach. Chlorine bleach could be toxic and if it gets accumulated in the body, it can be responsible for serious health conditions.

3. Hygiene Matters
Let’s admit it. Wiping alone is unhygienic. And moreover, it can make your hands dirty. After wiping, one should wash their hands thoroughly. Else it can make you prone to health issues.

4. Wiping Aggressively
Another hazardous way to harm your soft-skinned butts. Wiping too aggressively can chaff your behind and can take quite long to heal.

5. Excess Use Can Cause Health Issues
That toilet paper you use to clean your butts, when used in excess, can cause severe damage to the sensitive skin around your derrieres. This practice can also make you prone to health problems like anal fissures and urinary tract infections.

So, washing is, undoubtedly a healthy practice. Here Is the Right Thing to Do After pooping, wash your bottoms. Then, use a soft toilet paper and clean your butt from back to front. This will kill the bacteria and prevent any infection from spreading. You should not leave your butt wet as it could be the breeding ground for various diseases.

Hence, it is indeed important to wipe after washing. Even after peeing, wash and again wipe your bottoms

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