These Things Will Happen In Your Life If You Date a Single Mother, No 4,6 and 7 Will Make You Marry Them

benefits of marrying single mother

If you’ve won the love of a single mom, you’ve hit the relationship jackpot. Few love as selflessly and fiercely as a woman who’s raised her kiddos on her own (or mostly on her own).
Some men view a single mother to be a burden or a no-no. They see it difficult to love a woman with another man’s child. But below are some reasons why loving a single mother could be the best choice;

1. Her Love is Tested
If she passes the test of being a loving single mother, she’ll definitely make a loving wife and lover.

2. She is More Mature
Getting a child forces a woman to grow. She tends to be more mature than her peers who have no children.

3. She Knows What to Do With Money
A successful woman with no child tends to make money and spend her money in clubs, drinks, pampering herself and ventures that concern only her. But a single mother is more financially prudent with money because a child/children depend on her, her priorities tend to be better placed.

4. She Has a Bigger Vision
A successful woman with no child tends to have a vision restricted to self: her studies, her career, her goals. But a single mother must have a vision greater than hers, she sees way ahead in matters beyond her. The stakes of the future are higher because she must mother her child/children to it.

5. She Knows What Kind of Man She Wants
Because she already has a running family awaiting a father and husband; she knows the qualities she wants in a man and is more specific. If she invests time, love and effort in you it’s not for games or to pass time. She has no time for games or beating around the bush.

6. She Tends to Be More Spiritual
Being a parent tends to make people learn more about God. The single mother gets to have a more personal relationship with God as she depends on God for provision, turns to God for guidance, cries out to God when the child is sick, seeks God’s help in parenting and aspires to be closer to God to model the right example to the child/children.

7. She Will Challenge You Best
A single mother will not want a boy but a grown man. To love her you will have to be a man ready for real love and real responsibilities.

8. Her Strength is Tested
Mothers shoulder a lot right from carrying a pregnancy to nurturing a child no matter the storms. A good mother is proof she is a strong woman. When you marry her, you are not gambling whether she will be a strong woman in marriage. The strength that made her a strong single mother will make her a strong wife holding your home together.

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