These Things Will Happen To You If You Don’t Sleep Or Sleep Late At Night

Things that happen due to lack of sleep

Our jobs and responsibilities sometimes makes it hard for us to sleep on time. Sometimes, we engage in activities which deny us night sleep or make us sleep late and some of these activities are dangerous to the human health coupled with the late night sleep, it’s a disaster to your health.

Sleep deprivation causes your mental and physical health more harm than you could imagine. Below are some of the illnesses you get when you sleep late at night;

1. It Can Increase Blood Pressure
Inflammation levels, blood pressure and sugar level are affected by sleep as it keeps the body in good shape. People who don’t get enough sleep or don’t sleep at all are prone to cardiovascular disorders especially stroke and heart attacks.

2. Risk of Developing Heart and Kidney Diseases
This is because the immune system has be severely compromised. When we sleep, the immune system produces cytokines which helps in protection and infection fighting, sleep deprivation causes decrease in the production of this cytokines leaving the body prone to pathogenic attacks.

3. It Can Cause Severe Central Nervous System Disorder
When you deprive yourself of sleep, your brain becomes exhausted and finds it hard to carry out its duties effectively. If this continues to happen for long, hallucinations begins to cripple in and this may cause mania for people who have bipolar. Creativity and reasoning is severely affected and compromised when the brain doesn’t get enough rest time.

4. It Causes Serious Respiratory Problems
This leaves the individual to be affected by common flu and cold and serious cases may lead to chronic lung disease and infections.

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