These Three Parts Of the Body Will Age Faster Than the Rest, You Will Be Surprised to Know This

Parts of the body that age faster

Talking of aging, everybody will age at one point. No matter how hard one tries to stay young, one will never survive that for long. This is something that occurs naturally and that is why there is no being that has control over it.

However, besides the general aging factor, some body parts tend to age faster than the rest. This is something that not a good number of people note. Below are some of those body parts that tend to age faster than other body parts;

1. Hands
Due to the constant washing of the hands, the hands are likely to age faster than expected. Besides the washing, other things such as exposure to the sun and dryness of the skin also contribute to it.

2. Neck
The neck is the first part of the body that age quicker than the rest. The reason why this happens is that the neck comprises of thin and delicate skin. Hence, the sagging of the skin around the neck should be expected much early.

3. Eyes
The lightness of the skin around the eyes makes it age quickly. When they start aging, they start by making one look tired. Hence, it is important for one to always take care of their eyes and the skin around it.

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