These Two Bible Verses Confuse Me  alot Because They Encourage Killing, I Need An Explanation

A confused man has lamented on what he is finding so hard to believe in the bible cause it’s controversial. Below is what he is seeking help on;

The Bible is believed to be the oldest book in the history of Man. The Bible comprises of stories from when the world was created (Old testament) and also after the Birth of Jesus Christ (New Testament).

Am from Christian home where reading the Bible on daily basis is a must for everyone. In one of my studies I stumbled on two different verses of the Bible that is quit confusing to me. TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING AND SEE THE VERSES

I asked a couple of friends to help me out with explanation but what I got wasn’t enough to clear my doubt concerning this scriptures. Here is the scripture below;

Thou shalt not kill. —Exodus 20:13

Thus sayeth the Lord God of Israel, Put every man his sword by his side. and slay every man his brother…companion…neighbor. – Exodus 32:27

If you have read the scripture you will agree with me that they are not saying same thing.

The word “Slay” in the English dictionary means to kill or murder or kill.

My question here is that if the first scripture ask us not to kill then why will the second permit us to slay one another? Could there be a mix up somewhere or it was a mistake.

If you have answers to this please answer it because I’m really confused.

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  1. First the bible is not a book for surface readers.
    Exd 20;13 contains a portion of the law covenant.

    Ex 32:27 shows that some Jews while still in the wilderness (on the way to the promised land) had contravened some provisions of the the law they willing accepted Ex 20; 3,4 and 5. The punishment is death. So God authorised in Ex.32;27 the execution of the law breakers.
    They were not to kill their fellow man out of malice. See Nu 35;12, 20 and Jos 20;3

    The killing in ex32;27 was la divine judgement against faithless Jews or apostates.

    • Thank you for this piece... MOREOVER it is the destiny of man to die but not to perish. Hence, those who walk in the light may die but would be not perish...
      Thank you for this piece... MOREOVER it is the destiny of man to die but not to perish. Hence, those who walk in the light may die but would be not perish...

      This is REALITY…

  2. Aladeokin Oluwasola O.
    Aladeokin Oluwasola O.

    Thank you my dear loving brother in the Lord.
    In the law where you picked, “thou shalt not kill.” It is equally written, “thou shalt not make unto thee any graven inage or any likeness of any thing that is in the heaven above or that is in the earth beneath or that is in the water under the earth.
    Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquities of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me.” Exo. 20:4-5.
    But the people at Exo. 32:27 had violated the law of God and penalty was what you have seen there so that the wrath of God would not engulf the innocent people.
    Dear, remember that nobody gives earth and every thing therein into the hand of God. He is the only God and Lord of all things. Holy spirit will do better if you have given your life to Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior.
    Thank you sir

  3. Moses gave the law in Exodus 20:13 and went ahead in Exodus 32;27 to break the same law in annoyance.if you read Exodus 32:7,God called Moses’attention to what was happening in the camp while he was on the mount:At no point did God tell him to go and kill them.Even when Moses thereafter implied in his writing that God was angry,he pleaded,and as it were, God forgave them,Moses’anger wasn’t appeased until he had satisfied his anger in Exodus 32:27.God’s nature is unchanging.God forgiving and not punishing us for our sins is his nature.He punished all mankind sin on Jesus at Calvary and doesn’t punish anyone again.He couldn’t have forgiven the people after Moses mediated and still go ahead and killed them.It was Moses who misrepresented God before the people and allowed man’s anger which doesn’t work the righteousness of God, James:1,19-20 to get the better part of him.Same thing later denied him entrance to the promised land.Exodus 20:2-12.You know when God appears in the flesh in Jesus,he says in Luke 9:55-56, God doesn’t destroy lives but saves lives.Read John 5:19-20.The Father didn’t kill anybody before and doesn’t kill today.The Bible says He is constantly light,and in Him is no darkness at all 1john 1:5…. Today,many who are out there as pastor’s and men of God are still doing the same as Moses:misrepresenting Him and portraying Him in bad light before the world.But if you want to see Him,look at Jesus..and once you see Jesus,you have seen God.And once you see Jesus,you have seen yourself if you are a believer..1John 4:17…for further help +2348026653550(WhatsApp)

    • ADELEYE, Olusegun.
      ADELEYE, Olusegun.

      Dear brother Odeh, pls don’t be holier than God, read that verse 27 well. The killing was by God’s command, not Moses who was just a messenger. The verse says, “Moses said to them, Thus said Jehovah, the God of Israel:…” killing was a judgement for unrepentant idolators. Even till now, the Christian God permits Govts to kill murderers; Romans chapter 13. God bless.

      • Brethren: please know thyself and your own God, allow the people of Israel to serve their own God with their own language; find your own God now, the God of your ancestors.

    • How stupid you are.Not long ago you said
      The lord commanded it because the people disobey his law,and without any further move you are calling people to do the same thing that the people were killed for doing.Was it not other idols they worshiped and were asked to be slain.?Now we should call Jesus God ?.If it were from a muslim you would have given reasons why , it’s an evil command.u c ur self.The Devil don get you and your likes

  4. I have replied

  5. It’s indeed you’re confused. To get better understanding of the scriptures you don’t read out of context. The more confused you’ll be. Read the preceding verses and after before drawing a conclusion. Jesus was asked if it’s lawful to put away one’s wife and issue her a certificate of divorce according to Mosaic law despite the fact that God said in Matthew 19:6, Jesus’s responded that it was a result of the hardness of their hearts but was not so from the beginning. With cross references you wouldn’t be confused any longer.

  6. Am really confused sir

  7. My Brother , You don’t have to be . The Bible Cannot Contradict itself. You See what a lot of people do is MISUNDERSTANDING and MISINTERPRETATION of the BIBLE , the Holy Scripture. This is very Common amongst Hipocrites. The First Scripture is Simply God’s General LAW and Standard for Men to Obey i.e. It is a SIN For Any man to KILL a Fellow Man UNLAWFULLY period however, the Second also doesn’t Contradict the First in the Fact that the LORD GOD Himself made Some SINS as Committed by man to be deserving of the CAPITAL PUNISHMENT which is DEATH. So , despite the fact that it is a SIN to Kill but UNLAWFULLY , however , it becomes LAWFUL when some Degree of SINFUL acts are Committed . In the Second Scripture , GOD or the BIBLE is not Contradicting itself , the Children of Israel Sinned against GOD by Worshiping Idols , and it has been Said that We Shall Worship only the Lord God and not Idols so the Lord Permitted the Prophet Moses to Use the Death Penalty against the Children of Israel for that . So , the death Penalty becomes UNLAWFUL when UNLAWFULLY used and it becomes LAWFUL only when Humans Commit any SIN that warrants that . I think I have said too Much .Thanks .

    • Of course it does, otherwise explain 1Samuel 15:3; 1Sa 15:3 Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy everything that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.

  8. I think when you read it from the beginning to the end, u would understand that it is sin that Israel people has committed again God, that he gave them that punishment. It is not for everyone. It is particularly for Israel people

    • You’re not a Christian as you have said. Rather I will say you read Bible justly because you are from a Christian home and for reading sake or to get the attention of the public. Read Exodus 20:1 to end and also Exodus 32:1 to end you will understand. And stop confusing urself and some people. Thank you

  9. God’s Word doesn’t contradict itself. The same God that said, “Do not kill”, was the one that ordered the killing in Exo.32:27. God has the right to do whatsoever He likes and nobody has the to question His will, Dan.4:35. God has the right to, either kill, make alive, brings to the grave, bring up, makes poor, makes rich, etc. 1Sam.2: 6 – 8. God raised up Pharaoh in order to show forth His power in destroying him, Rom.9:17,20. God is not bound by any law except man. The law, “Do not kill” and all others, were made for man to obey and not God. Moses killed under God’s command.

  10. A righteous God of justice will never tolerate wickedness and unrighteousness forever. He usually acts at the appropriate and appointed time in his own jurisdiction to bring to judgment the willful violators of his righteous standards. Like he did in Noahs days destroying the wicked and unrepentant, so he will do in our time. That Jesus died for our sins , does not mean that if we continue in willful sin we will not be destroyed by God . The values of Jesus ransom sacrifice provided by his father the almighty God is only applied to repentant sinners who remain repented read Hebrew 10 v 26 – 31 . Punishment by way of killing of unrepentant willful sinners ihas always been God’s way of justice for the righteous

  11. Don’t be confused any more.
    Exodus 20vs 13 is a commandment meant to guide everyone not to kill.
    Because someone you love, you can not kill them hence the saying love your neighbor has you love yourself.

    In Exodus 32 vs 27 is an instruction to those who were going into war and conflict.
    Remember the Israelites had to fight many battles before settling into the promised land.
    Even today soldiers are allowed to kill for their Countries and are supported by this verse .

  12. It’s seem you guys are the one confused person self and the answer given to this scripture was not in same concept you are saying different things entirely ok if you is their sin that make God that say you should not kill also said you should kill how are we going to justify 1st Samuel 13v 1 where God instruct soul to kill all the people of amelek to the level of killing the animals and children please I need answers to this too….. Bible is confusing.

  13. It’s seem you guys are the one confused person self and the answer given to this scripture was not in same concept you are saying different things entirely ok if you is their sin that make God that say you should not kill also said you should kill how are we going to justify 1st Samuel 13v 1 where God instruct soul to kill all the people of amelek to the level of killing the animals and children please I need answers to this too….. Bible is confusing.

  14. I think the inquirer’s problem lies in his ignorant of the most simplest principles governing Bible interpretation. He has taken a text out of its context. Whenever this is done the reader or interpreter is bound to get confused. Text should always be interpreted in light of its context which could either be a whole chapter, book or entire Bible or few verses before or after the text. Never yank a text out of its context else your interpretation will do more damage than good. In Exodus 20 verses 1 to17 God gave his express commandment (covenant laws)to the children of Israel which will attract blessings if they obey and punishment death inclusive should they disobeyed. However, in Ex. 32, the people made idol for themself and worshipped it. Thereby corrupted themselves before God. They chose Idol rather than God (verse 8). God decided to destroy them himself (verses 9&10). God through Moses gave them opportunity to repent but they rejected God’s offer of mercy and remained incastrant (verses 25-26). The whole atmosphere became tense because; the tables containing the law was broken and shot argument ensued between Moses’s and Aaron the man who made them the idol yet the people showed no sense of remorse. Verse 26 says, “Then Moses stood in the gate of the camp, and said, Who is on the LORD’s side? let him come unto me. And all the sons of Levi (including Aaron the man who was culpable to the crime) gathered themselves together unto him. But the people remain adamant. So no option is left than for God to allow their destruction. Though it is true we are under under grace now: a dispensation which is quite different to the Old Testament dispensation. Yet we must not over stretch His patience and start abusing His grace and mercy. We must always remember that though He is a God full of love and mercy yet He is a God of justice and equity. Today while His grace lasts let everyone repent and seek His salvation because tomorrow may be too late when His door of grace might have been closed. Shalom!

  15. I think it’s very common sir.
    In your nation the law and constitution forbid murder.
    But there are crimes that you commit and the courts will hand you death penalty.

    Is that a contraction? No

    So go back and read to see why they were asked to the killed in exo 32:27

  16. Exodus 20 :13 Thou shall not kill, first commandments from God,
    Exodus 32:27 the word of Moses to his people when they were going to face their name.

    • I am not really going to say much here as others before me had dealt with it.
      This is my opinion, then it was LAW but now GRACE is at work, flow through Grace for your peace.
      God bless you.

  17. Why is it that what the person is looking for is contradictory and evil information. This is reckless debating setups for those who have such nonsense time to waste. Go and ask your spiritual leader if you have any or better come through the right door, JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH. Period!

  18. Jerry La'ah Tachio
    Jerry La'ah Tachio

    This is where I advice, don’t just read the Bible but read utand understand it

  19. The Bible is not just a book full of story… You need the interpretation from the holy spirit to understand both verses in the right way.

  20. The wages of sin is death.
    The first verse is a law given to the Israelites, while the second verse is a command from Moses to the Israelites who are still of God.
    Please read the first two verse before the one you draw quotation from, moreover it is written that our God is a jealous God.

  21. Thank you. The bible contains both old and new testament. The old testament based on Jewish religion which at that time was in constant state of wars with satanic kingdoms around Israel.
    Christianity is based on the new testament which makes the life, death and resurrection of Christ to fulfill all those laws. Therefore no more killing but to love. Christ never insulted anyone not to talk of killing and therefore be a model for us all.
    Plz note that even the old testament commanded you not to kill

  22. You’re not a Christian as you have said. Rather I will say you read Bible justly because you are from a Christian home and for reading sake or to get the attention of the public. Read Exodus 20:1 to end and also Exodus 32:1 to end you will understand. And stop confusing urself and some people. Thank you

  23. Pls kindly interprete with the holy spirit the song of Solomon 7 starting from verse 1

  24. I salute all that have made clarified comments by scriptures on this post, extolling the prerogative of the ONLY Holy God, the Lord Jesus Christ. God doesn’t takes instructions from man. Rather He instructs man. He has the ONLY veto power to justly command the killing of any unjust person that contravenes His command. No man CAN question Him.
    God is merciful. YES❗
    God is gracious. YES❗
    He is also a righteous judge❗❗
    However, I tell you by the Holy Ghost that the poster is NOT CONFUSED as claimed but seeks controversy. Be warned. God doesn’t glorify controversies. Satan does. Do not toy with the sacred things of God to generate points on social media.

    For those still doubting the Christian faith and the existence of Jesus Christ the God of all the earth. I pray you experience Him soon. All glory to God almighty. Shalom!
    Jesus is THE Lord! – 1Cor. 12:3

  25. Thus saith the Lord God of Israel — What Moses now did was not done merely in the heat of a pious zeal, but by a divine influence and direction; and therefore can be no warrant to others to imitate his example, who cannot pretend to the same authority, and who are placed in circumstances entirely different from those in which he and the Israelites were placed. Slay every man his brother, and every man his companion — Moses being, under God, their chief ruler, at God’s command, passed this extraordinary sentence upon the offenders, without the common process in courts of judicature, requiring the sons of Levi to go armed into the camp, and cut off the most notorious and obstinate offenders, without regard to kindred, friendship, or any other distinction whatever. And there was no fear of their killing the innocent in this case, because Moses had called to himself all that were on God’s side. These, either by resorting to him, or by retiring to their tents, were separated from the guilty, who were impudently walking about in the camp, trusting to their numbers. It may be observed further here, that, besides the authority of the command of Moses to the Levites, a peculiar impulse from God must have actuated them in this business, otherwise it is very improbable that they should have obeyed so readily, or have dared to attack so many; and a peculiar consciousness of guilt and terror must have fallen on the people, to have caused such a multitude to submit to be slain without making any resistance.

  26. Muhammad Garba Isgogo
    Muhammad Garba Isgogo

    Hmmm… This question is not yet answered… You people are trying to confuse us more, what was expected from you is not what you are stating.

  27. Sentiment will not let them no the answer laelae.

  28. The new testament changed every law, even the 10 commandments became just 2

  29. Adeniyi Godwin Modupe
    Adeniyi Godwin Modupe

    The Bible is a living Word It’s not a Novel It needs the direction of the Holy Spirit to understand it First You have to become a Born again Christian You shall know the truth and the Truth Shall Set you Free

  30. I think the bible is just some kind of book, that is directed to guide humans CONSCIENCE. The book is fair and just, and shouldn’t be misinterpreted.

    I believe anything you do and you aren’t troubled by your CONSCIENCE, then its God working at that particular time/ moment. God is MYSTERIOUS but not CRUEL.

    I’m sure, you wouldn’t just wake up in one day, then trying killing your fellow man, just because there is a verse In the bible where God ordered killings.

    The first verse, thou shall not kill and the second verse shows where he ordered the killing. Apparently, it was God, who gave the order and not a Man. Therefore they free from guilty CONSCIENCE at that particular moment. He said leave vengeance to me, he doesn’t wants you to hurt your fellow neighbor.

    The bible is for the spirit.

  31. Try to read from verse 1 and not just a quote from the whole chapter, you’ll then understand.

    First thing you need to know about old testament is it’s a period of law and not grace.

    It’s a period when blaspheme against God is the greatest sin ever.

    Note: There’s a quotation statement from the chapter that “thus says the lord” meaning the order was not from Moses but God.

    Finally, those who were killed according to that chapter were not on the lord side.

  32. The wages of sin is death said the lord .when they commit sin the punishment that the law the demand was given to them then why are you confused about that? Did you want to judge God

  33. The words in exodus 20:13 is a Law of commandment that is still useful today,even in d Governmental system.
    But the one in Exodus 32:27, is a fight of faith, please do well to read from verse 1-35. The command was given as a result of the sin the isrealite committed in just few days dat Moses went up the mountain to talk to God. See verse 26; Moses asked who is on God’s side should come towards him,did u imagine you as a child wanting to be on God’s side but your siblings or One of your parents is an idol worshipper and wants you to follow them in worshipping their idols and not the true God? That’s where the Mathew 10:34,35 comes into play,yes Jesus brought God’s word to the earth and he expected it not to bring peace only but sword as wanting to serve God could bring division in the family too.
    So in that exodus 32:27,should I want to be on God’s side and my mother or father pulls me to their side,on the mount that day?… *Quick action is expected so that they won’t perish with the Rebels,As seen with Korah’s death in Numbers 16: 28-35*
    Most importantly,after Jesus death as a ransom most of these law are not followed anymore.Note that please.

  34. Bible totally confuse, you will never understand those two verses….

  35. My brother, why are you confused? The act of God is unquestionable. If He can destroy the whole Earth sparing only 8 people, If He can help the Israel people to fight battle by raining fire storm from heaven upon the enemy of Israel nation and He can bring this same Israel under the control of Nebuchadnezzar telling them to serve compulsorily before He will save them and bring them back to their land, how much more when Jesus said whosoever does not accept Him as Lord and savior will perish. Can we now say it is not possible for God to take all sinners to hell? Think about this. Please, watch, the devil want to have you, he wants to take you away out of God’s saving grace. Don’t allow him to paint God as wicked, and bad. Pray personally to God to open your eyes to understand His Judgement and love. God bless you indeed.

  36. Because of the ineffectiveness of the law and the shadows of better things that is to come is what upheld the coming of the Savior. So if Christ is not reflected in any of the scriptures, then it can be uphold.

  37. Stop fooling your self. One thing you must know is to whom was the text written to.
    Secondly the time the text was written.
    For example there was passover ceremony annually attended by Jews. Do you go for passover to date?

  38. Please what you don’t know can kill and
    it hurts, for lack of knowledge my people perish. We don’t know everything as human beings.
    God is all knowing continue reading your Bible and he will teach you all the spiritual implication that has gone with death. The holy spirit will mlnlster to you in a more supernatural way that will bring peace into
    your life. Don’t believe in everthing you hear Evil communication corrupts good manners.

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