Things You Should Know If You Are Using Mobile Phone With Inbuilt Battery

These days, almost all the modern phones produced now comes with inbuilt or non-removable battery and at the same time, they cause a lot of issues that can scare a hell out of the user.

Those problems and their solutions are listed below in this article, and you will knnow how to easily resolve them.

1. How to Handle Overheating : Since you can’t remove the battery to cool, you can completely power it off and place it on a cool surface like a cold satchet of water. After some minutes, the phone should be cool as ice.

2. How to Handle Unresponsiveness or Hanging:
You cannot remove an inbuilt battery to fix freezing, unlike removable battery.

When your phone HARD FREEZE – hang for over 10 minutes without responding, kindly reboot it by holding Volume down + Power button, at the same time, for about 30 seconds. Your device should reboot and unfreeze.

But when your phone SOFT FREEZE – a temporary freeze, kindly wait for it to unfreeze by itself and afterward, clear running apps and reboot the phone.

3. What if Phone does not Power On: This can be scary but it can be handled. Kindly hold the power button for about 2 minutes, your phone will come on but if it doesn’t, kindly charge it up.

4. Never let your Phone Fall Inside Water: Unlike Non-removable battery that you will quickly remove the battery, an inbuilt battery is allergic to water. There’s no guarantee that your phone will survive if it falls into the water, unless is a water resistant phone like the Samsung Galaxy S9 and others.

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