This Is Only Part Of The Only Part Of The Body That Doesn’t Grow From Birth Till Death, Check It Out

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Part of body that doesn't grow

The Only part of the body that does not grow after birth is the innermost ear ossicle – Stapes (looks like stirrup) which is attached to the oval window of the cochlea. Its size is about 3 mm at birth and doesn’t change in size as we grow. But thinning of the Stapes have been seen with old age. Interestingly, malformation of the Stapes causes more than 60% of congenital middle ear defects.

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Common Misconceptions
* It is commonly thought that the eyes do not grow from infancy.

However, the human eye grows about one-third in size. The adult human eyeball is approximately one inch in diameter, while the infant’s eye is roughly 70% the adult eye size.

Some consider cornea to be not growing but it also grows in diameter as we age towards adulthood.


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