This is the reason you should know Education alone may not help you succeed in life, check it out now

Some years back, education was perceived to be the only sure way of succeeding in life. Having a degree was highly valued but very few people had a chance of reaching University level contrary to the current situations.

Currently, the country has many graduates who are unemployed and are still struggling to make some ends meet. There has been a photo trending on social media with a fresh graduate seeking for help. From the photo, the man who goes by the name Jacob is a graduate from the University of Nairobi with a degree in Commerce (, procurement Option.

From the placard, the man is desperately looking for someone who can give him what he can do with his education. The photo spiked mixed reactions from the internet users, having many blame the government.

“Education used to be the keys to success until the government changed the padlock”, commented one user.

This clearly shows how just going to school and acquiring all the papers may not be the solution to life problems. So many people have gone to school before you and therefore you might need more than papers to get an employment.

I know this may sound harsh to some people but the bitter reality is that education is no longer the key to good life. People you see on the road driving nice cars never just relied on education alone; they went alittle further to get to where they are today.

I was just like you when I was being told this story and shrugged it off as complete stupidity and ignorance until I was proved wrong by someone.

Many of these men and women you see making great strides in life went for further cleansing and other traditional support systems to finally see some hope in life. I know at this point you have started to ask questions but the truth is if you don’t try going the traditional way, you may remain in poverty the rest of your life.

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