This Is What Happens In Your Body When You Reach 30 Years and Above and Still Eat Fishes

Fish are gill-bearing aquatic craniate animals that lack limbs with digits. They form a sister group to the tunicates, together forming the olfactores. Eating fish or adding fishes to your meal is part of trying to keep the body strong and healthy because fish belong to a class of food called protein and proteins help the body to repair worn out tissues and also help for proper growth. There are different types of fish which can be consumed. Fishes make the food that we cook have a nice taste and they are used in the preparation of many meals.

If you are 30 years or above, it will be good of you if you don’t ignore the information contained in this article so as to know the effect fishes have on your heart after you reach the age of 30. Eating fish a day keeps you away from the cardiologist. It’s true that there are foods which are not recommended for someone after a certain age, like after age 30, 40, 45, 50 and so on because they could be posing dangerous health issues on that person, but good news is that fishes are certainly not one of such food because even people who are very much above the age 30 and even aged people are advised to eat fish. You know why, this is because fishes contains nutrients that are very good for the heart.

Whether you’re above age 30, below or even old, the effect that fishes have on the heart is that it keeps the heart healthy and functional. This is because fishes contain unsaturated fats which is known as Omega 3 fatty acid which helps to protect the cardiovascular system of the body (the heart). The heart is a very delicate organ which should be properly taken care of at all cost.

The heart is considered the power house of the body and once it shuts down, that means death for a person. omega 3 fatty acids help to decrease the risk of abnormal heart rhythm and heart attack especially as we get older. Instead of taking higher fat animal product like sausage and beefs, it is better to consume fish. Even aged men and women should be given fishes to help protect their weak hearts, children included.

So, now that you know that eating fishes have positive effect on your heart even after you are above 30 years, you can keep making it a part of your daily meal.

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