This Is What Happens to You When You Read Bible With Your Phone

What happens when you read bible on your phone

It’s so sad that contemporary Christian’s don’t take to prophecy of real men of God again. Many even indulged themselves in excuses which doesn’t suit a real child of God.

Let me explain this, “your phone is not your Bible” so don’t miss things up. You don’t have to neglect you Bible just because you have the Bible app on your phone.

Many things are incorporated into the phone whereas, the only synonymous name for Bible is the word of God. So, my question is your phone a phone of God? No!.

It could looks like something that doesn’t really make sense but this little things pose a great risk to our spiritual life and healthy race to the cross.

Even some pastors nowadays don’t know how to run a service, Some pastors would be like, “let’s open our iPad to 1st Samuel 10 verse 10. This shouldn’t be at all.

Please, let take our time to think of how this little thing could deny us of heaven. This isn’t a mandate but am just trying to bring to our notice what bothers my mind. Your phone is not your bible so, let’s respect God and abide with his scriptures.

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