This is What Happens to Your Body When You Sleep With a Fan Turned On

Disadvantages Of Sleeping with fan on

When it gets too hot, we tend to use fans to relieve the heat from our bodies.

However, what most people are not aware of are the dangers fans can cause when they are too close to the body or not clean. The following reasons are why we should be careful when using fans;

1. Having a Fan Too Close to Your Body Causes Sore Muscles
When cool air is concentrated to a specific part of the body, the muscles tend to tense or cramp up; hence the stiffness and the soreness. It is advised to face the fan away when sleeping.

2. Air From an Electric Fan Could Be
Drying Out Your Skin

The constant and high blast of air from the fan may trigger certain reactions from the skin mostly for people who suffer from acne and other existing dry skin conditions such as eczema. Using moisturisers or lotions can assist when using the fan.

3. Fans Tend to Collect Dust From Miles Away
When not cleaned often, they may pose a health risk to people with allergies or breathing problems. The dust is noticeable on their blades, and during the night, the air disposed of the fans into the room may be full of dust.

It is advisable to look for other alternative means to relieve heat from your body other than using the fan all the time.

One can wear lighter clothes or even take a cold shower before sleeping.

Also, clean your fan regularly if your allergies and skin sensitivity are triggered easily.

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