This is What I Did When I Had a Bulging Stomach – Kikuyu Secular Artist Narrates Her Emotional Story

A budding Kikuyu secular artist popularly known as Njoki, has been living with a stomach condition that almost cost her career finally took to social media to thank the doctor who treated her.

The lady artist who is in her mid-thirties, revealed to her fans the health condition that has made her look like she is always expectant and afraid to perform on stage.

Many times she appear to have a protruding tummy and some of her friends ask her when she will deliver. It makes her irritated and thinks of crying since her crave to have a baby has never worked despite having a big stomach.

Unknown to them, Njoki of the song “Tafuta Sana” (seek Alot) suffers frequent abdominal pelvic pains that makes the stomach bulge and look like she is expectant when she is actually not.

She divulged that this health problem struck her in 2007 but over time has managed to battle it and live with it.

She says some fans and friends teases her to prepare for a baby shower, not knowing her case is a painful story she has endured for 11 years.

“I am asked frequently why my pregnancy has taken that long but I joke about it and life continues. It is a problem I have kept to myself for long” Njoki says.

It started in 2007 when she underwent caesarean delivery, a time she also lost two loved ones in a road accident while she was heavy.

“For over a decade I have been having this challenge but I decided to live with it since I had no otherwise,” she said adding that this problems only ended when she visited a witchdoctor who handled it professionally and within just one week after the medication, it vanished away.

She noted that she was referred to a herbalist by the name Mugwenu who diagnosed her condition and told her she had been bewitched and that the only way out was to counter the witches through herbal means.

Mugwenu asked her afew questions before he delivered the healing that took a week and Njoki was fine and back on stage with her performances.

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