This is What it Means When Your Girlfriend Start Hiding Her ‘Last Seen’ on WhatsApp

Communicating with your lover has been made easier and efficient with the introduction of WhatsApp, especially with its friendly tools that indicate when someone is online, typing, recording a voice note, offline and even online.

However, the app is blamed for many breakups and this is one of the many reasons girls have started hiding their ‘last seen’ to keep off their boyfriends who behave like investigative officers.

Why do women hide their ‘last seen’ on WhatsApp? Below are some hidden reasons you need to know;

1. Not Interested In Your Chats

When you have bored your girlfriend, she will block her last seen so that you lose interest in texting her.

2. Seeking Attention

Some ladies will hide their last seen to compare the rate of messages that will chip in when nobody knows she is online, this will help her determine the real friends who will always want to connect with her despite an indication that she is not online.

3. Cheating Made Easier

When your girlfriend has hidden her last seen, you will probably not configure when she was last on the app.

Even when you text her and she ignores your message, you will not mind thinking she was not online. This provides a good avenue for cheating.

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