This Young Guy, Samaru Madkami Was Killed and Cut Into Pieces In India For Converting to Christianity

India boy

Christianity race is not just bread and butter as some people may have seen it, when you decide to follow jesus Christ then you have alot of opposition from infidels.

Before now, the rate of persecution in India against the church of christ is very high, as people get killed the moments they convert to christianity.

Because of this persecutions suffered by new believer many are even afraid to give their lives because of the way Christians are being treated a d persecuted in India by radical people especially the Hindus

We got a report on how a young India boy was murdered in a cold blooded by a radical hindus for Converting to Christianity. The incident resulted to great depression and excruciation in the family of the young boy, as his father had just lost their mother not long ago.

According to the report, Samaru Madkami was murdered in cold blood by a group of religious fanatics for his faith in Jesus Christ.

A 14-year-old Christian convert in the east-Indian state of Odisha was murdered in cold blood by a group of religious fanatics, who reportedly cut up his body into pieces.

On the night of Thursday, a group of religious goons took young Samaru Madkami to a nearby jungle under the pretext of a meeting, not knowing their main intention but obediently following them to the jungle were he met his death.

The assailants then took him to a secluded area and mercilessly tortured the grade 7 student, slayed him by slitting his neck, smashed his head with a stone and chopped his body into pieces.

After carrying out this gruesome crime, the assassins buried the body and made their way back to the village, pretending as if nothing has happened while they were undercover.

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