Three Main Reasons Why Men Hide Their Feelings You Need to Know

Why do men keep hiding their feelings from the start of the relationship? This is a question a good number of women ask themselves without getting the correct answer. However, the fact is, most men hide their feelings because they find it scary.

Below are some of the reasons why men hide their feelings;

1. Men Need More Time to Get in touch With Their Emotions

Unlike women who easily connect with their emotions, for men, it’s different. Men hide their feelings because they need more time to get in touch with their emotions.

2. They Don’t Understand What They Feel

One of the common reasons why men hide their feelings is because they are not sure how they feel. Given that falling in love is complex to most people; it is the same confusion that several men have to go through.

3. They Don’t Want to Lose Power and Appear Vulnerable

As per the community, men are expected not to be that vulnerable. For that reason, men will rarely show their true feelings in fear that by doing so, they might be exposing their vulnerability to other people.

Therefore, if they have feelings towards someone, they prefer keeping it to themselves.

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